Flexible plastic packaging

Do Tank

Flexible plastic packaging

Case study

  • 3 months experience

  • 5 days of workshops

  • 10 companies from the grocery and speciality nutrition sector, who are part of  Alliance 7

The Do Tank took place at the beginning of 2019 to find innovative, prototypable and testable solutions to improve the environmental footprint of flexible packaging.

Results to date

2 Do Tank projects are currently in the industrial testing phase.

Eco-designed alternative solutions to flexible plastics to reduce the environmental footprint of packaging

Success story flexible plastics:
a 5-day Do Tank

Over 5 days, the 10 participating companies learned about materials, consumer behaviour and recyclability.

What happened at the Do Tank?

The 10 companies, supported by Citeo experts, pooled field data and identified user expectations to define the initial "creative challenge". Then, using ideation techniques, they came up with solutions to explore, and hypotheses.

They produced packaging prototypes based on innovative and environmentally-friendly materials with sorting messages and price variation labels. These solutions were then tested by beta testers in a configuration simulating the purchasing and sorting processes.

In a few weeks, the project collected sufficient quantitative and qualitative data to enable to test the initial hypotheses.

What they said

"Very rewarding meetings. Bonds were created and common problems shared - we are not alone"
C. Calloch
Goûters Magiques

""A concrete method, (...) phenomenal power!"
J.F Robert, Directeur technique Fibreux, Citeo