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Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Circular Challenge, Citeo’s Open Innovation programme

With its 5 years experience, Circular Challenge Citeo has proven its ability to identify, support innovative and concrete solutions, both in France and abroad, and foster a real ecosystem of committed players

In 2021, Circular Challenge Citeo launches its 1 year accelerator programme. 

The accelerator programme will help circular solutions to grow, scale and increase their impact for the benefit of the whole ecosystem involved in the transition towards a circular economy. 



Open Innovation combines "thinking" and "doing" to build together: with companies, local authorities, operators, manufacturers, associations, designers and entrepreneurs. Innovation is one of the drivers of a circular economy at the service of a successful ecological transition. Sharing and collaboration are the keys to its success.

Circular Challenge's actions are routed in open innovation. Co-construction and interdisciplinarity are the main features of a range of projects and initiatives which, thanks to design methodologies, offer concrete and immediate solutions.

Based on a broad ecosystem of entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, companies, manufacturers and communities, Open Innovation aims to enable the acceleration and deployment of relevant solutions and thereby contribute to the transition to a circular economy.

Circular Challenge Citeo, a business partner of Citeo and its stakeholders

Circular Challenge
detects, experiments,
and accelerates
innovative solutions

to meet
challenges and
accelerate the transition
towards a
circular economy. 

1 650 solutions identified

50 solutions accelerated

+41 m € of turnover generated

336 commercial leads created


89 countries

 +700 jobs created

 22 field experiments carried

+120 m € raised

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Circular Challenge Citeo identifies innovative solutions, in France and abroad, on the entire value chain of the circular packaging and paper economies. The selected solutions integrate the Circular Challenge Citeo accelerator and benefit from a one year support programme to help them grow, scale and increase their impact.

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Circular Challenge's DNA is embedded in concrete action at both national and local level, in testing entrepreneurs' solutions and responding to key customer issues. Joint field experiments involving start-ups, Citeo and / or other players enable us to test certain solutions, in addition to our Citeo Circular Challenge "Do Tank" initiative, and our open innovation module in the regions.



Launch of Circular Challenge’s 5th edition

Get ready for the launch of Circular Challenge’s 5th edition on April 27th!

23 April 2020

Malengé wins the 2019 citeo grand prix for innovation

With an emphasis on commitment, pragmatism and solutions, the 2019 Circular Challenge event showcased players - including large businesses, start-ups and SMEs - who are committed to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

23 April 2020

Slimbox wins the International Circular Challenge

The Belgian startup Slimbox is the laureate of the second edition of Circular Challenge International.

23 April 2020