2nd Acceleration Day for the Class of 2022

Temps d'échange

07/19/2023 - 16:24

An opportunity for Again, Aremacs, auum, Bocoloco, CILKOA, FunCell, Fairbrics and Ficha to review progress with their Citeo coaches, work on their impact indicators and create synergies with the clients present.

Many thanks to Laurence Mehaignerie - co-founder and partner of Citizen Capital, Nicolas Furet - Director of Performance at Citeo, and Gildas Bonnel - President of Sidièse, who came to inspire the clients and the class of 2023 on this day dedicated to impact.

"Measuring impact is an essential steering tool: it enables us to assess the effectiveness of our actions in relation to ambitious objectives, and in the face of the urgency with which we are confronted." - Nicolas Furet

"There can be no lasting impact without reflecting on the mission, on the social utility of what we are building as entrepreneurs." - Laurence Mehaignerie


2nd Acceleration Day for the Class of 2022

🚀 On Tuesday June 27, the 8 winners of the Class of 2023 gathered at RaiseLab to take part in their 2nd Circular Challenge acceleration day!

1st day of acceleration for the class of 2023!

The first Circular Challenge acceleration day took place on March 22, when the 8 startups in this new class got together to discuss and build with Citeo coaches and customers.

Opening of the call for applications 2023 !

The call for applications to join the next promotion of the Circular Challenge accelerator is now open!